Vigdis is ready to start grammar school in Taelavaag

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Martin look forward to start grammar school in Algard skole. Olav AArrestad was his teacher for the 7 years Grammarschool lasted.

Vigdis lived in lodging,  Nesttun outside Bergen, and worked Ungdomskklaer AS and played revue at Haakonsvern naval base.

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Martin had start on radiooperators school on KNM Tordenskjold, Haakonsvern, and worked as lighttechnician in the revue.

Vigdis worked in Strikkevareutsalget and we lived in Absalon Beyersgt.78 i Sandviken, Bergen

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Martin had just signed off M/V"Jannetta" and has started as an accountant, later blacksmith at BMV in Solheimsviken.
Bought land at Knarvik, Lindaas same year. Moved into new house with a view in july 1971

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Our family travels a lot and has over the years used several means of transportation.

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Boating from 1976-1987.
Mobil home from -85 til -87.

Here we all are at May-Lin's Confirmation.

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Then we will see what the future will   bring us.
Qui vivra verra

With our 1987 Chevrolet Suburban Vigdis & Martin drove, together with friends, to Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.
In 1993, together with May-Lin and her girlfriend, to Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithaunia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark
In 1994 the same bunch as in -93, traveled through England, Scotland, Orkneys and Shetland.
And in between there has been tours to Austria for skiing, America, Crete, Turkey, Mallorca and Canary Islands.
In 1997 Vigdis og Martin went to the Saga-island, Iceland,  with Smyril-line where we drove around the island. We also chartered a plane and flew to Vestmannaeyar. In addition we had a three days stop on The Faroe Islands on the way home to Bergen.

We've also had weekendtrips to St.Petersburg in Russia, London, Jersey, Rome, Prague, Istanbul and Paris.

Summer -98 we went to Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and Jamaica.


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